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Lal Mirch was one of the original "World's Strongest I Prescelti Sette" (World's Strongest Selective Seven) that was to become an Arcobaleno; the Rain Arcobaleno, to be exact. However, her disciple from her organization COMSUBIN, Colonello, took her place at the last moment during the process of making the World's Strongest Selective Seven the Arcobaleno. However, Colonello wasn't capable of shielding Lal completely from the light that would ultimately turn them into babies, leaving Lal with an incomplete Arcobaleno curse and a corrupted Arcobaleno Pacifier, the actual Rain Pacifier belonging to Colonello. However, with this half-curse, Lal will slowly age from her infantile form, as shown in the Future Arc when Lal Mirch was in a form similar to before she was inflicted with the Arcobaleno curse.