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The Arcobaleno are the holders of the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, a part of the Tri-ni-set. Before being inflicted with their Arcobaleno curse, they were known as the World's Strongest "I Prescelti Sette", the World's Strongest Selective Seven. There is an eighth named Brumuda von Vitchenstien who shares their curse, but not much is known of him.

Luce/Aria/Yuni- Sky Arcobaleno
Reborn- Sun Arcobaleno
Verde- Lightning Arcobaleno
Skull- Cloud Arcobaleno
Viper/Mammon- Mist Arcobaleno
Colonnello- Rain Arcobaleno
Fon- Storm Arcobaleno
Lal Mirch- Corrupted Arcobaleno Pacifier Holder

Brumuda von Vitchenstien- Clear Pacifier Holder

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