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Policy Edit

Here at the Reborn Answers Wiki, we encourage all users to have fun and interact with the community; however, there are a few policies that we ask all users to abide by.

  • All Questions must be about the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! series.
  • Be civil at all times, and do not use rude, offensive, vulgar, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate language or media.
  • Inappropriate questions and/or answers will be deleted.
  • Never delete an answer off of a question unless it is vandalism.
  • To answer a previously answered question, simply put Answer 1: in front of the previous answerers post, and put Answer 2: in front of your answer.
  • Never delete a post off of your talk page or any other talk page on the site even if it was you who posted it.
    • The only exception to this is if another user vandalizes your talkpage, and you revert their vandalism. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning the first time and your account being blocked the second if your disregard for the rules are in a rapid succession.